Meena Bagh Shimla

This is the main unit of the house. It has a large living room and a kitchen along with the four rooms.

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The guests get the entire roof which has three rooms and two bathrooms. The rooms are well-lit with the sun streaming in from early morning to

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This room has a separate entrance. The room is part of Meena Bagh Resorts ; newly opened Himachali homes in Himachal committed to

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” We found Meena Bagh a breathtaking property in Shimla, and we’re in complete awe of its beauty. What we love the most about Meena Bagh is that they’re super pet-friendly and encourage hosting guests who bring their furry friends along. And they’re LGBT friendly too.”

“One of the friendliest airbnbs we’ve come across, they give preference to people with pets, are LGBTQ-friendly and ‘also allow married couples.”

” Meena Bagh sets a good example for hotels and resorts to take up sustainable practices. It has a water harvesting and recycling system in place. What’s more, the home is gay-friendly, pet-friendly, and there is upto 50 per cent discount for writers, journalists and people involved with conservation activities.”

Discounts & Preferences

1. We offer upto 50 percent discount to writers, artists, journalists and anyone associated with   conservation.

2. We also give preference to travellers with pets.

3. The house is gay friendly.

4. We also allow married couples.
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Pahari and Vegan Meals

Along with the regular fare (Indian/Chinese/ Continental) we also serve traditional Pahari and Vegan meals.Our Pahari food is not to be confused with the ‘Pahari food’, served in Mandi or Kangra Districts of Himachal.Our Pahari food is the food people ate in high-altitude regions of district Shimla (altitude 1800 meters- 3000 meters above sea level).

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Design & Architecture

Both the resorts are a confusion of tradition and modernity. The architectural elements are Himachali but fused here and there with Swiss chalet ambience. The overall effect however is that of a cozy rural Himachali home.The furniture, from the beds to the lamp-shades, has all been designed in-house using ‘waste’ wood.

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The greenest way to travel, as someone said, is not to. But until that happens, one can always ‘travel responsibly’. This phrase is often an euphemism for cutting down on simple pleasures of life (Harvesting / Recycling : Water self-sufficiency, Insulation, Solar Energy, Furniture from Waste Wood)

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